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Founded in Tallin / Estonia in 2018, our company is at the service of our customers with its expert staff.

Digital Galaxy offers you a complete solution for online digital publishing.

Publish your publication PDF and we’ll convert it into a digital magazine, host it and display it

and sell it on our public platform FREE OF CHARGE

Digital Publisher of The Future
Our Vision
Our vision is to make the business of brand and entrepreneur from every sector in the near future.
To make sure that all the works we carry out in the visual, auditory and cognitive fields reach as wide a mass as possible and to be heard in advertising or in different fields.
As the sectors in question reach the required markets, we will provide the earnings growth of the companies and we will form the basis of this growth. Thus, we will be an important part of the growth in the world economy.


Our Mission
Our mission is to bring quality work to keep our sector long-term and spread, and the continuity resulting from customer satisfaction is indispensable for us.
Our aim is to undertake all the promotional activities of our customers and to provide resource savings by making promotional activities from a single center.
Our work addresses a wide audience. This leads us to believe that we should focus on the quality of the service we provide.

Meet our Writers

Cevdet BAKIR

International Marine Lecturer

Writer of 6 Marine Books

Email: info@digitalgalax.center


Marine Lecturer

Writer of 2 Marine Book

Email: info@digitalgalaxy.center


Marine Lecturer

Writer of 1 marine book

Email: info@digitalgalaxy.center

Fatih Hüseyinoğlu

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Dean of Kyrenia Marine University

Email: info@digitalgalaxy.center

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