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P. 6

➢ Superior Book Control: You can browse through the links

            related to the book and go directly to the related page with

            the word search.

        ➢ Comfort  of  Vision:  You  can  enlarge  articles,  videos,

            pictures, and make full page

        ➢ Print Feature: You can put printable content if you want, the

            reader can print. Such as Coupon, ticket

        ➢ Always new Edition: You  can update your  cBook  at  any

            time. When you update your cBook, everybody will read

            new  edition  including  people  previously  bought  the


        ➢ The variety of formats: The Cyber Book can be in various

            formats. HTML5, .zip or .exe can be output as.

        ➢ It can be read from the Internet, sent as email or CD.
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